What if I suspect child abuse?

Report child abuse to the Department of Human Services (DHS) or a local police department, county sheriff, county juvenile department, or Oregon State Police.

If someone is being hurt or is in danger right now, call 911 immediately.

DHS has a FAQ page on their website that answers questions like:
  • What is considered child abuse?
  • Should I confront the abuser?
  • How should I react if a child tells me about abuse?
What you can do about child abuse (PDF)

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Early Intervention

Early intervention helps improve lives and conserve community resources. We can help break the cycle of abuse and neglect. By investing in these children now, we can save millions of dollars later. Too many of Oregon's police chiefs, sheriffs, district attorneys, and other police leaders are arresting or prosecuting adults who they first met as victims of child abuse and neglect.